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Garage Door Service in Wildomar, CA

Has your garage door started making a strange noise when operating? It could be time for a tune-up from Garage Door Repair of Wildomar, CA. Not only do we offer garage door service such as routine maintenance, but excellent repairs and new door installations as well, 24-hours a day.

Does Servicing a Garage Door Really Work? 

Did you know that just like a tune-up for your car, you can get a tune-up for your garage door? This service is extremely effective in helping prevent major repairs and can even increase the longevity of your garage door. Garage Door Repair of Wildomar is proud to offer this service to our customers as an effective preventative measure. 

When you schedule a servicing for your garage door, one of our technicians will first perform a comprehensive inspection of your door. He or she will address any issues they see, as well as, any concerns you may have. Lastly, they will lubricate moving parts and tighten those that have come loose with regular, consistent use. 

When is Garage Door Service Necessary?

To be most effective, it is recommended that you have your garage door serviced on a yearly basis. Some homeowners choose to line it up with their “spring cleaning,” while others choose to do it in the fall before the cooler temperatures of winter. Regardless of when you schedule your appointment, just make sure you do schedule it every year.

How Can I Help My Garage Door? 

Just like you routinely maintenance parts of your home, did you know that you can perform some maintenance items on your garage door? Though these are small tasks, they can have significant implications, including alerting you to potential problems before they become major issues. These maintenance items include:

  • Cleaning the safety eye sensors regularly
  • Changing out batteries on remotes and keypads
  • Listening for changes in the sound the garage door makes when operating
  • Making sure the tracks are in alignment and the door moves properly

Help! I Need a New Garage Door!

Are you ready for a new garage door, but are not sure where to start? Fortunately, the team at Garage Door Repair of Wildomar has the solution. Not only can they help you find the style, make and model of garage door you are after, but we can install it too!

If you are struggling to find a garage door that fits your style, budget, and the features you desire, consider designing a custom door. A custom door allows you to personalize it and ensures that you make no compromises when it comes to the design and certain features. Once your custom garage door has been built, our team will install it, and make sure all the components are working smoothly.

We’re Ready for Your Call!

If you have started to notice a decline in your garage door, it’s never a good idea to put off having it inspected. With Garage Door Repair of Wildomar, though, we make it quick and easy. Simply give our team a call, and our technicians can be at your home the same day!

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